Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Ideal Motivational Perk?

Posted on February 22, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

Many companies see cash as the ideal motivational perk. This is usually not the case. A recent survey from McKinsey found that three non-cash motivators rise above all other forms of incentive: Praise from managers Attention of leadership that takes place in one-on-one conversations The chance to lead projects, teams or task forces. Such nods and recognition topped even cash bonuses, increased base pay, and stock or stock options - the three top-ranked financial incentives, McKinsey found. "The survey's top three nonfinancial motivators play critical roles in making employees feel that their companies value them, take their well-being seriously, and strive to create opportunities for career growth," the McKinsey report noted. "These themes recur constantly in most studies on ways to motivate...

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Is Your CEO Struggling?

Posted on February 1, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

Long gone are the days where the executive leadership of a company can remain sequestered in their offices with an internal focus on hard metrics. Given the current economic climate, it takes far more than cost-cutting to survive. It is the CEO who understands the need for focus on the soft metrics of employee engagement that will create sustainable growth in revenue and brand equity. Ask yourself: How many of your employees are truly passionate about your company, its values, its vision, its mission, and the role that they play within the organization? Be truthful with yourself... Conduct a harsh, critical analysis and come up with a true head count of the passionate employees within your organization. The key to having an engaged workforce is to have a passionate...

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