Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Engagement Vital but Managers Not Trained

Posted on August 17, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

Is the gap between management salaries and the rank and file growing wider? Are there big bonuses for the bosses while everyone else endures pay freezes, furloughs and doing more with less? This could be disastrous to your future and certainly profitability of any company. There is irrefutable evidence that employee engagement is correlated with productivity, so plummeting engagement is a real threat to the standard of corporate excellence and the need to get more from less. Many managers, with little sense of ownership, will throw their hands in the air, bemoan their circumstance and blame the company for not providing resources. Others will strive to make the best of the situation by taking internal action. What will you do? Engaging your workforce for success requires some basic action that every company can...

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Engagement Linked to Financial Performance

Posted on August 3, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

Senior leaders should take the lead on employee engagement - for the sake of the organization. Hewitt Associates in a recently released 2010 study shows a clear link between highly engaged workforces and highly performing companies. “Organizations with high levels of engagement (where 65 percent or more of employees are engaged) outperformed the total stock market index even in volatile economic conditions…companies with low engagement (where less than 40 percent of employees are engaged) had a total shareholder return that was 44 percent lower than the average.” If that does not illustrate the connection clearly, please read the entire article for more info: Hewitt Analysis Hewitt's research shows that 46 percent of organizations experienced a decline in engagement levels in the quarter ending June 2010, while just 30 percent saw an...

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