Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Fostering Recognition

Posted on March 8, 2012 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

82% of Worlds Most Admired Companies regularly reinforce rewards philosophy in communications with employees vs. 64% of their peers (Hay Group) Management needs to show employees that their accomplishments are appreciated. “Authentic recognition is so much more than an annual gala or occasional gift card for good behavior. Recognition is social, strategic, and powerful,” Mr. David Zinger of the EEN says. 6 Ways Employee Recognition Pays Provide Public Validation – Recognition by your peers makes you feel valued, and does so in a significant way. This is because only your peers truly understand the skill, time and effort of the finished project. Although others may appreciate the result, your peers recognize the process, and this recognition is especially validating. Increase Talent Retention and Productivity – If you believe that your efforts matter, then...

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