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Posted on April 11, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

The 2009 Hay Group study shows the Best Companies for Leadership to be right at the cutting edge of current trends in demographics and employment. Recognizing concerns about work/life balance and the wider social contribution of their work, they are much more likely to make it easy for people to work from home – and they use their corporate social responsibility programs to attract employees.

The best companies are almost twice as likely to have a high proportion of women in senior posts. And nearly all of the best companies look for people with an appreciation of global issues, compared with less than two-thirds of their peers.

This indicates they recognize that in today’s market, a globally inclusive approach is important, as is one that reflects the importance of a gender balance in the workplace.

“The cultures of The Best Companies for Leadership help them to attract and retain the leaders they need.”

It’s not just about direct investment in leaders. The best companies create cultures in which employees can behave like leaders, even if they have no formal position of authority. This has two important consequences.

Hay Group research shows, unsurprisingly, that well-motivated, ‘engaged‘ employees perform better in a way that even feeds through to the bottom line. But when they are empowered by a culture that actively encourages them to take initiative, the performance gains are even higher. And by encouraging employees to step up to leadership opportunities, the Best Companies for Leadership are ‘seeding’ the next generation of leaders within their organizations.

The bottom line is… all this feeds though to the bottom line. The Hay Group Top 20 companies produce significantly better shareholder return than the S&P; 500. And those firms that both engage and empower their employees see revenue growth 4.5x the norm. Proof if any were needed, that a forward-looking approach to leadership pays off.

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