Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

R. A. M. P. — A Model for Engagement

Most of us are aware of these four essential components of engagement but what I am suggesting to you is that none of these elements will work on their own. All four must be part of an integrated system. Trying to accomplish your goals with only one or a few elements will surely end in disappointment. There is interplay among these four components that make them effective. R – Recognition of achievements – when you recognize someone, it says you know who they are and that what they do matters. When you celebrate success, it drives performance and demonstrates that everyone has something to contribute. A culture of recognition and appreciation creates the conditions that keep people motivated and energized. A – Autonomy – This is a basic need: to be self-directed. People want to have...

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Recognition is Oxygen

It’s budget-cutting time and you think appreciating employees is just a perk you can do without?  Think again. The more recognition there is the stronger the enterprise and its ability to sustain a strong employee base during tough times.  Employees thrive on recognition; from pats on the back and peer-to-peer accolades to annual recognition events.  It is important to maintain a culture that values and rewards performance from all employees. Management’s big role is in communicating, creating a motivational environment and finding ways to support the staff through tough times.  It’s important when direction has changed that it is explained.  It’s always a good idea to recognize accomplishment and it doesn’t have to be things that cost a company a lot of money.  Employee appreciation events that involve family can be very...

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Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction

Posted on March 7, 2013 by Carl Bonura in Engagement, Motivation Stream, Uncategorized

Employee satisfaction and employee engagement are similar concepts on the surface, and many people use these terms interchangeably. Employee satisfaction covers the basic concerns and needs of employees. It is a good starting point, but it usually stops short of what really matters. Consider the following definition of employee satisfaction and definition of employee engagement. Employee Satisfaction Definition: Employee satisfaction is the extent to which employees are happy or content with their jobs and work environment. Employee Engagement Definition: Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. Passion, commitment, and most importantly, discretionary effort... Engaged employees are motivated to do more than the bare minimum needed in order to keep their jobs. By contrast, satisfied employees are merely happy...

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Contented Cows Give More Milk

Posted on September 19, 2012 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

The well known human resources text called “Contented Cows Give More Milk” by Bill Callette and Richard Hadden put this relationship between employee morale in these practical and memorable terms: “Building an environment of positive employee relations is not just the right thing to do; it is the profitable thing to do.” Harvard Business School’s Chris Argyris who has written extensively on business theories about what he termed “learning organizations,” also stressed the importance of addressing employee motivation. He said that to make full use of their “precious resource,” their employees, businesses need to redesign themselves to accommodate and address the employees’  “psychological energy.” To be successful, a recognition and reward strategy must be well conceived and planned and properly implemented to achieve the profitable results desired. What are the benefits of a...

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Increasing Intrinsic Motivation

Posted on July 20, 2012 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

So, you want to have a workforce of fully engaged employees who will give the company their best effort and then some. Enthusiastic, energetic employees committed to the mission are an important asset to any company, especially if they are willing to go above and beyond to give of themselves at a consistently high level. The only way you will have their best effort is if they are truly motivated. That comes from deep inside a person as an internal drive to achieve a goal. The question becomes is that something only a select few have or can it be fostered? Everyone is motivated to do something. The challenge is to get them to do your something! So, how do you go about building an environment that engenders engagement and enkindles intrinsic...

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7 Steps to Disengagement

Posted on May 29, 2012 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

Engagement has been the focus of human resources for some time and it does not seem to be going away anytime too soon. Why is it important to your company? Well, obviously you want enthusiastic, energetic, dedicated employees who are fully focused on their work. In an ideal world (where is that?) everyone would be fully engaged and genuinely concerned about the success of the organization. And it is becoming widely known that companies that engage in engagement are more profitable. While I believe that each person is responsible for their own engagement, I also believe that a company has to provide an environment conducive to engagement. The problem is that companies all too often create just the opposite effect. They often do these things: Create fear of job loss –...

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Are Your Managers Trained to Engage?

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

Is the gap between management salaries and the rank and file growing wider? Are there big bonuses for the bosses while everyone else endures pay freezes, furloughs and doing more with less? This could be disastrous to your future and certainly profitability of any company. There is irrefutable evidence that employee engagement is correlated with productivity, so plummeting engagement is a real threat to the standard of corporate excellence and the need to get more from less. Many managers, with little sense of ownership, will throw their hands in the air, bemoan their circumstance and blame the company for not providing resources. Others will strive to make the best of the situation by taking internal action. What will you do? Engaging your workforce for success requires some basic action that every company can...

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Everyone is Motivated

Posted on April 5, 2012 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

A recent McKinsey study found that the best workplace motivators appeal directly to the emotions, with 67 percent listing praise or recognition from an immediate manager as “effective” or “extremely effective.” Non-financial incentives clearly outperform financial incentives. Compensation and recognition are not synonymous. To be effective rewards must be distinguished from compensation. Cash has no separability as an award. Recognition then must be sincere, timely, relevant and specific to be effective. Factors such as deadlines, threats, imposed unrealistic goals and external pressure can also have the effect of reducing intrinsic motivation due to the perception of the external locus of causality (Vallerand and Bissonnette 1992). Factors that increase intrinsic motivation – such as choice, acknowledgement of feelings, and opportunities to set own goals – enhance intrinsic motivation due to the greater feeling of autonomy...

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Fostering Recognition

Posted on March 8, 2012 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

82% of Worlds Most Admired Companies regularly reinforce rewards philosophy in communications with employees vs. 64% of their peers (Hay Group) Management needs to show employees that their accomplishments are appreciated. “Authentic recognition is so much more than an annual gala or occasional gift card for good behavior. Recognition is social, strategic, and powerful,” Mr. David Zinger of the EEN says. 6 Ways Employee Recognition Pays Provide Public Validation – Recognition by your peers makes you feel valued, and does so in a significant way. This is because only your peers truly understand the skill, time and effort of the finished project. Although others may appreciate the result, your peers recognize the process, and this recognition is especially validating. Increase Talent Retention and Productivity – If you believe that your efforts matter, then...

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Did You Know…?

Posted on February 17, 2012 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day! It provides the opportune time to take a break from the routine of business to say Thank You to your workforce. Without them you have no business so make it count! Offering recognition to your employees doesn’t have to be a huge effort – in fact, sometimes the simplest methods are the most meaningful. A quick, handwritten note can be just as memorable as a gift. Whatever your means of acknowledgement, following three simple rules can help you leave a lasting impression with your staff: Be Concrete – Tell them exactly why and for what you are recognizing them. A general Attaboy doesn’t work too well. Be specific. Sincerity – goes a long way. Don’t say or write anything that seems canned or out of character. Be...

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