Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Celebrate Your Employee’s Successes

Posted on March 21, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

Keeping your staff motivated and on task takes more than wishful thinking. Setting up a plan for employee recognition is one step toward making your workplace a more productive one. By instituting a well-planned and monitored success-recognition program, you will reinforce the positive work behaviors your company is seeking in its staff.

How to Celebrate Employee Achievements


Establish the criteria on which you will recognize your employees’ successes. Most successful programs will be inclusive of all staff and should provide specific requirements for eligibility that are well outlined for both staff and management. The kind of success that is expected for the reward should be clearly understood by all.


Among the most successful ways to recognize employee excellence is a non- monetary reward. Whether it is based performance objectives or related to a predetermined milestone, a symbolic award helps to increase employee morale and connection to the company which ultimately enhances retention.


Rewards can be a team-building event by organizing a lunch or other event to which an entire department is invited. These kinds of rewards are best given at random intervals, so that they are not taken for granted by your staff.


Wherever possible include your company’s brand with your employee recognition connecting the reward with your company and its culture. Making an award meaningful is important to the process.


Elevate the award beyond the mundane. Just as a gold watch, given to an employee for many years of dedicated service, may become a goal to which many aspire, but your reward system should offer items that are highly sought after, such as high-tech electronics, luxury brands or custom items which have symbolic meaning.


Recognize an individual employee’s successes with a hand-written note reinforcing why the employee is being recognized. This note could then be used as entry in a points system, from which items of individual interest may be selected.