Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Experienced business owners know that a motivated workforce and business success go hand in hand. Motivated and engaged employees are more productive and efficient. Finding a way to create or reinforce positive behaviors and remove or modify negative ones is the purpose behind an employee incentive program. A properly designed and implemented employee incentive program will give your employees the motivation to work together as a team to accomplish your company’s goals and initiatives.

Motivo Performance Group has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing employee incentive programs to help companies such as yours to improve their businesses in areas including:

If your business has goals to achieve, we can design a custom program to help you achieve those goals.

Our Technology Platform

Our resources include a proprietary technology platform that allows us to track details of your company’s performance. We can provide your organization with real time and measurable results so you can maximize your return on investment. Our technology platform offers your company an employee incentive program that includes:

  • Online and print promotional material
  • Integrated training modules for teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors
  • Points-based rewards that employees can bank or redeem
  • Feedback and analysis of results to ensure a successful program
  • Access to customized online reports

Customizable Employee Incentive Program

We work with you to understand your environment and culture to create an incentive program that is consistent with your company’s goals and initiatives, but our job does not end there. We provide training solutions for your organization’s managers and employees.

The management training is designed to achieve an understanding of your company’s goals and the importance of employee incentive programs. Our employee skill training encourages and facilitates employee understanding and acceptance of your organization’s incentive program.

Tangible Rewards for Positive Behaviors

Creating an effective employee incentive program involves offering your organization’s workforce a tangible reward for desired behavior. We offer a rewards collection that is customized to appeal to all of your employees. We understand Generational Influences and have built an award experience that will appeal to all four generations in today’s workforce. By offering a wide selection from which to choose, each employee is guaranteed to find something that will make the reward meaningful.

Achieving Results

Motivo Performance Group will design and help you implement an employee incentive program to achieve the goals you set. Each program we create includes the following elements that are critical to a successful program:

  • Identify program targets
  • Encourage training and communication
  • Send reward message to targets
  • Provide reports and analysis to gauge performance

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