Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Sales managers are under tremendous pressure to find new ways to increase revenues. Sales incentive programs offer a cost-effective means to engage and energize your company’s sales force. Motivo Performance Group will partner with your organization to design and implement a sales incentive program targeting your company’s goals and objectives.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Sales Force

A Motivo designed sales incentive program will deliver measurable results by:

  • Rewarding sales goal achievement
  • Identifying and promoting best practices
  • Building distributor preference
  • Increasing sales-generated revenues

Our sales incentive programs offer you the opportunity to motivate your in-house sales force and increase outside sales through distributors and resellers. We review your business goals and design a sales incentive program that aligns sales incentives to performance.

Whether you are running a short term incentives campaign to boost sales during slow cycles or are looking to create a permanent, ongoing program, Motivo Performance Group can deliver a program to meet your needs and fit within your budget.

Easy to Use Online Tools

We can offer your sales force the opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for merchandise or travel rewards from thousands of items from which to choose. If your employees prefer, the sales incentive programs designed by Motivo offer them the option of banking the points they earn for future redemption. Because the incentives programs are administered online, employees will find them to be simple and convenient to use.

Accurate Results Tracking

The key to an effective sales incentive program is the ability to track sales so employees can be recognized for their achievements. Our sales incentive programs are structured so as to provide your company with the means to promote and track the program. A well planned sales incentive program from Motivo includes:

  • Online and print material to promote the incentive program
  • Integrated product training
  • A leader board to maintain interest and generate excitement
  • Constant analysis and measurement to monitor program success
  • The ability to make modifications to the program even after it is in place

What an Effective Sales Incentive Program Can Do for Your Company

A sales incentive program can provide a healthy, competitive spirit within your sales force. Employees are energized and motivated to achieve your company’s goals and objectives. The boost in employee morale improves employee retention rates and lowers your company’s costs of recruiting, hiring and training new people. A properly designed and implemented sales incentive program can have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line by improving sales and reducing costs.

Contact a sales incentive specialist at Motivo today for more information about a custom designed program for your company.