Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Business owners sometimes forget about the intangibles that can have an effect on their company’s profitability. For example, obesity accounts for $147 billion in annual health care costs each year according to the Centers for Disease Control. The health of your company’s employees can affect your productivity and income.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Employee wellness programs provide incentives to encourage and motivate your employees to engage in and sustain behaviors to improve and manage their own health. Motivo Performance Group can design and implement an employee wellness program to provide your company with ways to improve productivity and decrease absenteeism, including:

  • Reducing employee absenteeism
  • Improving overall employee health
  • Encouraging employees to eliminate detrimental behaviors such as smoking
  • Promoting employee exercise and fitness activities

Engaging and Motivating Employees to Take Charge of Their Health

Our workplace wellness programs are customized to the needs of your company and your employees. The programs we create for your organization are flexible and can be combined with health care initiatives or third-party partnerships already in place in your company. A wellness incentive program from Motivo works in two ways. First, it encourages employee participation in a single activity or program, including:

  • Creation of a health profile for each employee
  • Health risk assessments
  • Biometric screening
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Annual physicals

Our wellness programs are also designed to engage and motivate employees to engage in multiple or ongoing programs and activities, including:

  • Exercise and fitness
  • Health and lifestyle coaching
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Smoking cessation

Customized Platform for a Successful Program

The workplace wellness initiative we design for your company can be built around a customized platform that helps to make the program a success with features that include:

  • Online and print material to promote the program in your company
  • Integrated wellness training modules to teach and reinforce positive behaviors
  • Ability to post recipes and health and fitness tips to the website
  • Points earned by employees may be redeemed for merchandise and travel rewards
  • Program success monitored through results analysis and measurement

Motivating Employees Through Recognition

A workplace wellness program designed by Motivo Performance Group lets your employees know that their health and well-being are important to your company by relating recognition awards to positive behaviors. The program we design for your company shows your employees that your organization’s management cares about their health.

Contact us today to find out how our wellness program experts can create a program to promote healthier lifestyles in your organization.