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Is Your Company Committed to Engaging Employees?

Posted on March 1, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

Imagine working for a company where nearly 25% of the employees hate their jobs, over half (55%) of the employees are apathetic and uninterested and do just enough to stay employed. Only the remaining 20% do their job enthusiastically and care about the company’s future. Unfortunately, you don’t have to look far to find such a company. This is the profile of a typical US Company.

Why are today’s workers so disengaged?

A recent global survey by Towers Perrin gives some insight:

For employees, the real driver of engagement is the belief that a company cares about them. Senior management’s interest in the well-being of employees is what most drives engagement, according to the survey.

For many employees, “caring” translates to providing opportunities for career development.

Other key factors to employee engagement are trust in the organization’s leadership and feeling a sense of pride when workers see their organization’s logo.

“Appreciation is the single largest driver of a company’s caring attitude.”

But employee appreciation must be aligned with what’s important to the company.

Each employee wants to see a clear vision about where the company is going and to know “my supervisor plans my work around things that matter”. It motivates the American worker.

Workers feel their bosses and companies appreciate them, according to the survey, when they…

Believe their companies are great at showing appreciation to those who excel.

– Observe senior management modeling the behavior.

– Perceive a clear connection between recognition and goals of the organization.

– Experience recognition as timely, personal and sincere.

Follow this link to see how your company measures up:

Five Signs Your Company is Committed to Engaging Employees