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Posted on April 30, 2013 by Carl Bonura in Engagement, Motivation Stream

The most successful organizations, the most successful leaders know that when they view their employees as contributors to company success, their engagement scores and results take care of themselves.

To create sustainable results with engagement make sure that the leadership / employee relationship has:

Trust – in the leaders and the company that how they talk is how they act. “Walk the Talk” Trust is paramount to organizational success. Without trust you cannot excel and engagement is lost.

Purpose, Shared – purpose is important to individuals but a shared purpose is important to the success of the organization. Have you truly defined what you do and how it benefits others? It leads to engagement.

Communication – is the vision and/or goal being communicated clearly, effectively and at every opportunity? Is leadership living this every day? Do you have a focused link between performance and rewards?

Alignment – have the goals and values put forth been aligned? Do they reflect who you are and what you do? Do the individual goals of employees support these? Have you removed obstacles or policies that can impede employee engagement?

Growth – do you provide opportunities for employees to expand and enhance their skill sets? Do you give them freedom to make decisions and be company advocates? Are you leveraging distinct abilities and ensuring each right person is in the right role?

Appreciation – are you focusing on non-monetary awards like ‘thank you’, recognition, expressions of appreciation, learning opportunities and career growth? Money is a short term motivator but the psychic and emotional rewards are more meaningful and motivational in long-term employee engagement.

Value – do you show that you value the contributions of your employees with well-thought out recognition and incentive programs that focus on results? Are you ensuring there is proper differentiation of rating employee performance? Rewarding low performers indicates you place a low value on high performance. You have to keep it fair to maintain program integrity.

Remember, you will know when you have employee engagement when everyone in your organization (yes, including you, the leadership) is doing the right thing, at the right time, the right way, for the right reason.

There must be a clear line of sight to the goals. I don’t think there is any way employee engagement can be sustained without a strong partnership between leadership and employees working through management toward a shared purpose.

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