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Little Things That You Do

Posted on May 27, 2011 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

Little Things that you do can add up to some pretty big results for your company.  By being thoughtful and considerate of your employees in small ways, you are showing them that you value and respect their contributions and efforts.  Even if things are not always positive and there is strife, quickly coming to a mutual understanding will go a long way towards a happy workforce. Recognize that employee happiness is integral to effective management and effective management is crucial to the success of any business, especially those that are customer-centric.

How an employee feels about themselves and their company has a direct impact on how they interact with customers and clients and their peers. If an employee believes that the company truly cares about them, they will in turn care about the company. It is the old truism, “You get what you give”. Caring begets caring. Loyalty begets loyalty. Respect begets respect. When this is in place and employees feel good about themselves and the company, you get more fully engaged employees who are willing to give that extra discretionary effort to make sure their tasks are completed well and on time and that clients are well treated. As this occurs the company reaps the benefits in goodwill and bottom line profits.

This is good business practice, but why?   Where employees are dissatisfied (for whatever reason) the goals of the company become pushed aside and thus much more difficult to achieve. Success becomes that much easier to accomplish when employees feel that their work is appreciated. Companies with above average employee commitment, exhibit above average revenue growth 71% of the time as reported by Corporate Executive Board. Yet 88% of employees surveyed by Lynn Learning Labs cite lack of acknowledgement as their top work issue. Clearly, employees do not feel valued.

Why would an employee give the extra effort to a company that does not value her efforts? If she have to deliver on time or solve a customer’s problem or how she works at a full resolution to the problem is her decision to make. Sure, she’ll go the extra mile, but what about the company? Will management make the effort to (a) encourage her; (b) support her with the necessary tools, resources, and time; and, (c) provide clear recognition of her efforts? (From “thank you” to other tangible recognition?) But “going the extra mile” means being seen to make the effort so that she truly feels that her own efforts make a difference. And that calls for recognition and acknowledgement.

Therefore, it is good business practice to acknowledge, praise and show employees that they are valued. That is, if you care about profits.