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Onboarding is not simply the latest business jargon for orientation –

Posted on November 1, 2010 by Motivo Staff in Uncategorized

…here is the break room; here is the bathroom, sign these forms…

“Nor is it a static activity done for a week. It is the process of acculturating a new hire. Onboarding can be ongoing for a month or a year or as long as the position or person requires. Showing new hires the ropes can be a formalized and structured process, with milestones and accountability, or a casual and occasional check-in with the boss.

Whatever an organization’s onboarding process looks like, it can have a profound and lasting effect. A 2010 Aberdeen Group research report, Onboarding: The First Line of Engagement, found that organizations with a formal onboarding process had a 60% year-over-year improvement in revenue per full time employee and 63% experienced improvement in employee performance within the first year.” Source: WorkSpan, a publication of the WorldatWork Association.

For the Best in Class…

  • 87% of new hires achieved first performance milestone on time
  • 89% of new hires identified themselves as “highly engaged”

As we know, first impressions are very important and become lodged in an employee’s mind. So anything an organization can do to enhance the “first day” experience will serve it and the employee long-term.

Onboarding is a complex and multilayered process. Employees need to fill out all the forms and learn the organization’s policies, but they also need to feel welcomed and valued. It’s critical to make a positive first impression. It may also foster such goodwill among employees that retention and engagement levels increase.

There are a number of ways to enhance that first impression. Using company identity gifts that make new employees feel part of the team is one tool to help in that process. Creating company communications vehicles to send a message of pride in their choice of employment is another. Whatever you do it should be part of process of instilling pride in association with your company.