Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Whether you are trying to engage and motivate employees or improve their performance, you must reinforce positive behaviors along the way. By reinforcing these behaviors, employees will repeat them and by example, their peers will emulate them. Over time this creates a new positive attitude and culture within your company.

Often employers will conduct workforce surveys asking employees how they want to be recognized. Almost every time, employees say they want more cash. The problem with this is that even though they say they want cash, it’s not what motivates them.

Cash is quickly forgotten and most employees either never see it when direct deposited or quickly spend it on necessities. It just does not last. Tangible rewards are a lasting reminder of their accomplishment. Your employees will make the connection with the desired behavior and will be more likely to repeat that behavior. The best part is that an employee often selects something they would never buy for themselves thus making it even more memorable.

Our employee rewards collection has been carefully selected to appeal to each of the generations in today’s workforce. Brand names rewards ranging from David Yurman jewelry, Bose home theaters, and Sony digital cameras to traditional awards like Bulova clocks, watches and Waterford crystal; it is certain each employee will find something meaningful to them.