Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Powerful Presentations

Okay, so you decided to implement a recognition awards program and you have all these boxes sitting in your office.  What do you do with them? How will you present them?

Receiving a recognition award is a very special occasion. Presentations may be the most powerful part of recognition.  The difference between an upbeat, exciting celebration and a flat, forgettable flop is all in the presentation.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your awards events pack the positive punch they should.  Follow them and your presentations will:

      • Live up to your expectations
      • Shower the recipient with proper praise
      • Demonstrate to the entire audience what type of performance is appreciated in your workplace
      • Leave everyone in attendance feeling good about the company they work for
  1. Prepare your comments – Think through what you want to say.  Ask yourself the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why.  Then jot down some notes to follow for a powerful presentation.
  2. Present awards in a public forum – Placing your employee in the “spotlight” should be part of the recognition you bestow.  Do it in a group setting so he/she receives the praise in front of his or her coworkers.  To most people, that’s the best part of getting an award. One caveat, there are a few who will not want the attention. Be aware of this and give an option to receive the award in a low key environment.
  3. Provide a context for the recognition – It’s important to explain how the awardee’s commitment or achievement ties to the larger objectives of the company.  How has it impacted the overall success of the organization? Be specific. You don’t want people wondering why they are being recognized.
  4. Remember that recognition should be timely. So, make an effort to present soon after the reason for the recognition occurs. For service awards, endeavor to make monthly presentations. For instance, all monthly recipients could be recognized in one ceremony for each month. Waiting for as long as a year or more to recognize someone diminishes the impact of the award.
  5. Above all, be sincere – you don’t have to be a polished speaker.  Speak from the heart, use your own style and emphasize your personal feelings.  Use phrases like, “I am impressed with your dedication,” or “We’re glad you’re a part of the team.”

A properly done award presentation will energize, galvanize and revitalize everyone in attendance. Presentations are a powerful tool. It will feel like a real celebration…just as it should.

If the award is the heart of recognition, then the presentation is the soul.

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