Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

R. A. M. P. — A Model for Engagement

Most of us are aware of these four essential components of engagement but what I am suggesting to you is that none of these elements will work on their own. All four must be part of an integrated system. Trying to accomplish your goals with only one or a few elements will surely end in disappointment. There is interplay among these four components that make them effective.

R – Recognition of achievements – when you recognize someone, it says you know who they are and that what they do matters. When you celebrate success, it drives performance and demonstrates that everyone has something to contribute. A culture of recognition and appreciation creates the conditions that keep people motivated and energized.

A – Autonomy – This is a basic need: to be self-directed. People want to have the freedom to act in the best interest of the company as well as their own. Empowerment breeds excellence. “If you trust that your employees can do great things, they will.” Dave Novak, CEO of YUM! Brands

M – Mastery – The drive to improve on a skill or talent is part of who we are. It is a fundamental emotional need to make sense of and master the world around us. Provide opportunities for growth and development by identifying talents and nurturing them through education and experiential situations.

P – Purpose – The desire to make a contribution is also part of our makeup. People need to know that what they are doing serves a greater good, that it genuinely matters to the company, the environment or the general welfare of all. So, clearly communicate your mission and vision. Explain the Why. Make sure everyone knows what these are and just as importantly that they trust the leadership is walking the talk.

Building a culture that fuels engagement begins with one person. Earn commitment with meaningful work and mutual success. Expect, empower & equip individuals, managers and executives to drive engagement and results daily.

Be a change agent in your organization. Start today!

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