Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Recognition is Oxygen

It’s budget-cutting time and you think appreciating employees is just a perk you can do without?  Think again.

The more recognition there is the stronger the enterprise and its ability to sustain a strong employee base during tough times.  Employees thrive on recognition; from pats on the back and peer-to-peer accolades to annual recognition events.  It is important to maintain a culture that values and rewards performance from all employees.

Management’s big role is in communicating, creating a motivational environment and finding ways to support the staff through tough times.  It’s important when direction has changed that it is explained.  It’s always a good idea to recognize accomplishment and it doesn’t have to be things that cost a company a lot of money.  Employee appreciation events that involve family can be very effective.  It is just one more way of saying ‘thank you’ to your employees.

Lifetime loyalty, today, is an unrealistic goal.  That expectation is a thing of the past.  But companies that create a culture that rewards accomplishment are still more likely to reduce employee turnover.

Quick Tips – when to offer rewards and recognition 

  1. New employee orientation is the best time to begin the formal recognition process.  A small award during the first few weeks on the job helps bond a new hire to the organization.
  2. Service Awards or career achievement awards, when done right – within the right recognition strategy and with the right presentations – are powerful opportunities to recognize every employee in the organization, open communication channels and build relationships between management and employees.
  3. Retirement recognition is another standard application.  Today, most companies offer a selection of items that allow employees to choose their awards.  Don’t skimp on the presentation.  What is said in a retirement presentation has tremendous potential for positive impact on the heart and soul of the recipient – who will continue to be an ambassador for your company – and perhaps most importantly on coworkers who are present.
  4. Performance recognition programs should be much more than a thank you for a job well done.  When implemented strategically, performance awards advance the corporation by recognizing behaviors that support the company’s core business goals.
  5. Peer-to-Peer recognition systems provide an opportunity to have employees recognize each other for accomplishments at work that reinforce company values. When you think about who knows best about what someone is doing, it usually means their co-workers. They know who is going above and beyond, who is pulling their weight or who is slacking. Imagine how much it would mean to you to have co-worker recognize you! Gallup Q12 indicates that recognition should happen weekly. There are online resources like Carousel to help you do that.

Recognition helps you improve the ‘connectedness’ of your organization and feeds the need to feel valuable. Acknowledgment and appreciation for a job well done is an important component of any company’s success. In short it is the oxygen that allows your company to flourish. How are you measuring up?

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