Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

When employees go beyond what their jobs require of them, the reward that means the most is having their efforts recognized. Studies have shown that as important as pay may be to the average employee, recognition for a job well done is an effective way to engage and keep your best employees. The key to a successful on-the-spot recognition program is timing. The recognition for going above and beyond must be immediate to clearly link the reward with the good work.

How Does a Spot Recognition Program Work?

With spot recognition programs, catching someone in the act is a good thing. Motivo Performance Group uses a web-based tool that makes it easy to implement and track employee recognition rewards. We can also customize the program to make it truly on-the-spot to make it even more effective. Here is how one such on-the-spot program could work:

  • We design and print Spot cards
  • Managers present a Spot card to an employee observed going above and beyond
  • Employee logs into the website to redeem the reward.

Benefits of On-the-Spot Recognition Programs

Employee recognition is the key to reducing employee turnover. It also contributes toward the development of camaraderie and teamwork within the organization. The result is increased employee productivity and higher rates of employee retention. When you consider the cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee, employee recognition programs like on-the-spot recognition are a cost effective solution to high rates of employee turnover.

Customized and Easy to Implement Programs

Our spot recognition programs can be customized to the specific needs or budget constraints of your company. Customization allows us to create a program to suit your needs, including:

  • Programs setup for managers to recognize employee achievements
  • Peer-to-peer programs in which employees can spotlight fellow employees for recognition
  • Programs that combine manager initiated recognition and peer-to-peer methods

We can also customize the reward to your specifications. Regardless of the size of your budget or the size of your organization, we can design and help you implement an on-the-spot recognition program in your company.

Keys to Successful On-the-Spot Recognition Programs

On-the-Spot recognition programs are cost effective, improve employee morale and increase productivity. To be effective, your company’s on-the-spot recognition program must:

  • Offer immediate recognition
  • Recognize and reward conduct or behavior consistent with your company’s goals
  • Be ongoing and company-wide in its scope

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