Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Employee turnover hurts your company’s productivity and drives up costs. Nothing is more frustrating than hiring and training a new employee only to have them leave your company. Employee turnover hurts your company’s productivity and drives up costs. Workers today want to know from the beginning that their new employer appreciates them and their contributions to the company.

Acknowledging new employees is good for business. On average, new hires leave a company within 18 months, especially if they do not feel that the company appreciates them. Welcoming new workers to the company and making them feel part of a team does not have to cost your company a lot of money.

Benefits of Onboarding Programs

Onboarding is an opportunity to welcome new employees into your company and show appreciation for their early contributions to the organization. Benefits to your company of an effective onboarding recognition program include:

  • Improvement in rates of employee turnover
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Fostering positive employee attitudes toward the company, its leadership and its values

Onboarding Recognition Programs to Fit Your Budget and Needs

Motivo Performance Group can design and implement an onboarding recognition program that lets your new workers know that your company appreciates them. When you consider the cost of recruiting and training a new employee combined with the negative effect employee turnover has on your company’s bottom line, an onboarding recognition program makes fiscal sense.

We can put 30+ years of experience and our knowledge of what motivates people to work designing an onboarding recognition program to fit the needs and budget limitations of your company. We have the resources to produce a program that will produce measurable results for your company.

Onboarding gifts do not have to be elaborate or expensive to be effective in making new employees feel they are part of your organization’s team. Examples of onboarding gifts include:

  • Paper weights
  • Pens
  • Lapel pins
  • Other small logoed gifts

Effective Onboarding Recognition Programs

Onboarding recognition must be a planned, ongoing program to be effective in fostering each new employee’s commitment to your organization. Utilization of best business practices in developing an effective onboarding recognition program means going beyond the typical company new employee orientation program.

Orientation programs typically introduce the new hire to the company by providing information. An onboarding program goes beyond employee orientation. An onboarding recognition program should create a relationship between a new employee and the organization by developing helping the employee to develop a sense of his value to the company.

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