Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

A well-planned employee recognition program is designed to engage and motivate your company’s employees beginning with their first days on the job and continuing until they retire. Recognizing a loyal employee’s commitment and contributions to your company presents a positive image of your organization. Retirement awards programs are an ideal opportunity to send a message throughout your organization that dedication, hard work and loyalty in employees are valued and will be recognized and acknowledged.

Customized Retirement Awards

Motivo Performance Group has 30+ years of experience partnering with organizations like yours to design and implement employee recognition programs that engage and motivate a company’s workforce. In an age when workers move from company to company, we understand that career milestones represent a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value your company places on those employees whose loyalty and dedication has kept them with your organization.

Keys to a Successful Retirement Awards Program

We can help make your retirement awards a success by designing a program that will be remembered by your retirees for years to come. Our retirement awards programs are designed to your company’s specifications and budget to provide a meaningful award to remind your retiring employees of their value to your organization and their accomplishments at your company.

Successful retirement awards programs should include:

  • Senior management participation
  • Organized with the retiree in mind
  • Personalized awards

Retirement awards programs are more meaningful to your employees when senior managers participate. This is also an excellent way to engage and motivate other employees by showing them the value management places on loyalty and dedication to service.

Motivo Performance Group can help your company create an award presentation that takes into account the preferences of the employee being honored. Whether the presentation is at a large gathering of employees and company officials, or a small, private ceremony involving managers and a few invited guests, we can help make it a success.

Popular Retirement Gifts

Our custom designed retirement awards programs allow you to honor retiring employees with personalized awards that can be customized to commemorate highlights of the employee’s history with your company. We offer award choices that represent your company’s sincere thanks for the many years of dedication, hard work and loyalty the retiree has given to your organization.

Getting Started

The award consultants at Motivo Performance Group can help you create a retirement awards program to reflect the values and image of your company. Our staff will talk to you about your company’s wishes for a retirement awards program and show you what we can create to meet your specifications and budget. Contact us today to get started.