Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

So, what is Performance Improvement and why is it on everyone’s mind?

Posted on June 22, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

What is a motivated person? How do we recognize them? How do we define motivation? These are questions our clients ask daily.

How do you elicit performance improvement from your most important asset: your people? Academic and practical theories are abundant and may conflict, but in our experience the answer lies in the alignment of four things:

> Communication – Are your mission and objectives clearly defined? Does the message generate excitement and sustain interest?

>Training – Have you provided the necessary tools and education so that employees have the skills and competencies they need to succeed? Do they know what is expected of them?

>Reward/Reinforcement - how will you recognize success? Are positive behavior changes being spotlighted? Are you recognizing only those things you want repeated?

>Measurement – Have you set benchmarks? Can you determine progress toward your goals? Are you providing feedback and adjusting accordingly?

Lead by Example

If you want motivated employees, be motivated yourself! If you need your team to engage more fully with your client base, then lead the way and demonstrate how the job should be done. Never exhibit anything less than excellence. Walk the talk and others will follow.

Motivation is best when excited from within, when employees see behavior they want to emulate they will be given a reason to perform at higher levels.

Here is a definition of Motivation: That which incites
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to action; anything prompting or exciting choice, or moving the will; cause; reason; inducement; object of desire; incentive
Are you prompting or exciting choice?

Motivation, of course, is not a steady state. It needs to constantly be worked upon and invested in. But if you are looking around one day and find yourself in a happy place, the chances are you have hit upon the right blend of communication, learning, measurement and reward. And the chances are you are holding on to your best people, who continue to deliver great performance.