Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

True Strength Comes From Within

Posted on January 4, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

Welcome to the first of my 2010 commentaries. I wish you a prosperous year!

Apart from strategic acquisitions and maintaining a sustained focus on operational effectiveness, one thing companies realize is that they need to leverage their greatest asset – their people. They realize that they must win over their employees. This is all the more essential if an organization has been forced to retrench, reduce staff levels, and constrain compensation budgets. During the economic rebound, increased workloads will be the order of the day and companies cannot risk low employee morale and disengagement.

Organizations must strive to capture the hearts and minds of their people. Employees who understand the strategic goals of the organization and demonstrate commitment to attaining them also feel an emotional bond with their employer. They are willing to go the extra mile and are a true source of sustained success. We term these employees ‘engaged employees.’

Highly engaged employees put in the extra effort because they care. And they care, because they feel looked after and valued. The right feelings lead to right behaviors which fuel higher levels of organizational success. People have become the primary source of a competitive advantage. It’s their decisions, their actions and their attitudes that are passed on through the interactions with customers and suppliers.

HR managers should insist that front line managers and supervisors get to really know the individuals on their terms as people, not merely employees. They should want to know about their career aspirations, interests, development needs and work-life balance. Recognition of the whole personality sends the powerful message that the organization understands and appreciates its employees.

In addition, there are other drivers of engagement such as employee empowerment; results based employee recognition, open communications, leadership support, teamwork & collaboration, etc.

By working towards ‘employee engagement,’ organizations are able to increase productivity and retention leading to better customer service, satisfaction and loyalty. Consequently, they are better positioned to weather the economic storm and emerge with stronger business performance compared to their peers. Move the needle on employee engagement and you move the needle on organizational success and lay the foundation for future growth.