Workplace Recognition and Incentive Programs

Winning the Engagement Battle

Posted on January 11, 2010 by Carl Bonura in Uncategorized

To effectively measure and improve employee engagement levels, organizations must keep in mind a few imperatives and channel their efforts in the right direction. First, employee engagement initiatives must have senior management buy-in and must be driven from the top. Also, employees must be willing to accept their roles and responsibilities throughout the process. Another activity that cannot be overlooked is a comprehensive communication plan. This includes clarity on the information to be communicated, by whom, through which channel and when. Employees should know and understand the purpose of the engagement initiative and how the engagement results will be used. Employees should be ensured their responses will be kept anonymous. Third parties or consultants can bring a level of trust among all stakeholders and communication can be delivered more effectively.

Engagement measurement via survey questionnaire should be precise, reliable, actionable and customized as per the needs of the organization.
Measuring engagement is crucial but is only a part of winning the battle. Many organizations invest only in measuring engagement, leaving little energy or budget for actually improving engagement levels. Instead, organizations should spend their resources and energy in moving the needle in the right direction. Identify areas of employee concern and define concrete actions plans to address the same. And more importantly, ensure that the action plans are actually implemented. Changing an organization’s culture, addressing a major HR process deficiency or raising the bar on leadership behavior does not happen overnight and requires concerted effort. In the end, rewards are real and sustainable. Organizations that increase employee engagement levels will emerge from the economic downturn with a clear competitive advantage, ready to soar high.