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Motivo is a performance improvement company focused on inspiring your employees and recognizing their achievements. Whether you want to create a culture of recognition, change behaviors, drive performance, improve morale or retention; we are committed to delivering results.

With over 30 years of experience, we understand what motivates people. Our knowledge combined with our resources is sure to help you reach your goals. We offer the most flexible employee recognition and incentive programs in the industry, including:

The Benefits of our Programs

Here are a few reasons why it is necessary to acknowledge the achievements of your staff:

  • Reducing employee turnover can be really good for your business: Many employers will tell you that it is very frustrating and detrimental to an organization when a skilled employee resigns. Oftentimes, businesses spend many hours and resources to train staff members who soon pack their belongings and leave for other jobs. Motivo can work with you to develop effective onboarding strategies that can gradually increase your employee retention rates.
  • Workers who are valued and respected have loyalty to their companies: An employer’s most important assets are his staff members. We have come to the conclusion that emotionally-satisfied employees work the hardest to achieve a company’s objectives. Furthermore, a staff member is likely to repeat his exemplary behavior if he is commended for his efforts.
  • Boost your revenue and cut costs: A motivated staff can take your company to new heights. Employees who are passionate about their work are more eager and productive. This can drive up company revenue and slash costs that are attributed to inactivity.

Every employer knows that a skilled and hardworking team is crucial to any company’s success. By utilizing our employee incentive programs, you can:

  • Create a motivational environment that compels desirable behaviors such as safety awareness, sales, healthy living, attendance and punctuality, quality assurance and customer satisfaction
  • Measure your organization’s successes. What gets measured can be managed.

Why Choose Motivo

Motivo can target your staff members with the proper incentives. Our team of consultants is specially trained to identify your organization’s needs; they will work with you to design a unique and fully-customizable strategic recognition plan that fits your budget and caters to your employee’s interests.

We think of ourselves as your proprietary business partner. Your success is very important to us, and we are dedicated to helping your organization meet and exceed its objectives.

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Recognition Programs

Our recognition programs are designed to create an awareness and culture of recognition that will spread throughout your organization.

Regardless of your budget or size of your company, we can help design a program that works best for you.

Incentive Programs

Incentives provide that extra motivation to get everyone moving in the right direction.

If there is a specific business issue your company has focused on improving we can help design a custom program to achieve those goals.

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